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LightForce Nutrition was founded in 2004 to meet the supplement needs of two professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters.  But as people began to experience firsthand the immense benefits of adding concentrated greens to their diet, word about LightForce quickly spread—and what began as a solution for preparing athletes for competition soon became a worldwide nutrition phenomenon.  

Today, although LightForce Energy Greens are still a trusted staple for MMA champs and other athletes, our product is used by people from all walks of life as a powerful, everyday nutritional tool. Derived from only the freshest organic vegetables, green grasses and herbs, the new LightForce formula is packed with all the nutrients your body needs for peak performance—and none of the things it doesn’t, like added sugar, stimulants and artificial flavors.  

Our mission at LightForce Nutrition is simple: to empower others to become stronger and healthier from the inside out through innovative, nutritionally efficient dietary supplements.  As a matter of fact, we’re so confident our products are among the best-tasting, most effective supplements on the market today that we guarantee your satisfaction—or your money back.